The Vision

On February 15th, 1989, a group of bright, determined and like-minded individuals set out to establish Delta Phi Epsilon at Kennesaw State. Their courage to start a new chapter speaks volumes about who they were, and we’re honored to follow in their footsteps.


Our Sorority represents a group of diverse people who always strive for the highest level of excellence, as our founders intended. Shared goals and interests in areas of service, academics and building solid relationships hold our chapter together and define who are we.

The Values

“Dphie to me is family. No matter where you turn you always have a sister and a friend. You are never alone and that means everything.” 


—  Liv Caprella, President

As sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon, we strive to uphold our motto, Esse Quam Videri. To be rather than to seem to be. We uphold this standard of being a group of genuine women. Delta Phi Epsilon takes us so much further than college. It inspires growth and love for years after we graduate. 

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