What Big/Little Means to Me

Coming into Delta Phi Epsilon I never imagined that I would find my best friend, my future maid of honor, and my mom away from home until I met my big Lauren Dickey. The first time we met we were at an event and from the second we introduced ourselves we fell in love. We ended up going back to the DPhiE manor and staying up till 6am talking to each other and I knew immediately she was my person. She has brought so much joy into my life and always reminds me that I am more than what I feel like. No matter what time it is she is always by my side to make sure I am never left alone crying and brings positivity to any situation. She inspires me to be the best I can be and I have no clue how I went 18 years without her in my life. No matter where I go she is always with me and you will never see us at any event without us being attached to each others hip. This year we won Best Big/Lil Duo of 2016 at our formal and I couldn't help but cry knowing that no matter where life takes me I will always have her by my side through thick and thin. A big is someone who is not just a mom to you but also a big sister who wants you to have fun during your college years but also wants you to succeed academically and help you grow into the beautiful women you are. 

- Amber Grexa