..where sisterhood is not four years, but for life.

We are so excited for you to look around and learn a little more about our sisterhood in the process. The women of Delta Phi Epsilon strive to uphold the motto Esse Quam Videri which means "to be rather than to seem to be." The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon are a wonderful, diverse group of women that excel in bettering themselves through the 3 founding principles that make up the sorority: Justice, Sisterhood and Love. As one of our founding sisters, Minna Mahler, once said, "We formed our association not for the purpose of doing something so much as being something." As sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon, we encourage each other and ourselves every day to be something more than we were the day before. Our main priorities are academic excellence, establishing social justification within the community, and most importantly, bettering ourselves as young women with the help of a sisterhood that starts in college but will last far beyond that. We invite you to take a look into our sisterhood and see what we are all about. 

These girls are a constant in my life. Knowing I have a support system that will NEVER hesitate to pick me up when I fall down is a feeling like no other. Never will I regret my decision to become a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon
— Neeley Gay (Beta Beta)

Letter from Our President


My name is Andria, and I am the current 2017 President for Delta Phi Epsilon – Alpha Epsilon. My journey here started in Fall of 2013, as I pledged into the Beta Beta class. Although I was nervous as to where this path would take me, I had 200+ women welcome me with open arms and they have held my hand throughout the years. Now a senior, I am able to look back and reflect onto what this chapter has brought to me. I have learned so much from every sister, from new pledge classes and old. I was able to learn about self-respect, respect for others, and what sisterhood means. I knew I wanted to join an organization that looked past my exterior, and instead looked at who I was as a person. I wanted to join an organization that exemplified the word β€œreal.” I yearned sincerity. No matter what I was going through, this chapter has been there for me through it all. They see me for who I am, and that was the real I was looking for. More importantly, that was the sisterhood and love that I have fortunately found. Delta Phi Epsilon is more than just my sorority. Delta Phi Epsilon is my home. The woman I am today would not exist if it were not for this very chapter.Being President is a grand honor in itself, but being a sister of this chapter is the highest honor of them all. 

Love & YITS,

Andria Pino